A fresh approach in the industry.


We speak to Campaign on the launch of mud orange.

A former Ogilvy PR strategist and a graphic designer have set up an agency, called Mud Orange, with the aim of repositioning the role Muslims play in the industry, as well as how they are portrayed in mainstream advertising.

The shop, which launches on the eve of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, will focus on creating campaigns that are "deeply rooted in contemporary culture and showcase accurate representations of specific target audiences based on strategic insights".

The London agency is led by creative strategy director Arif Miah and creative director Ala Uddin.

Miah previously worked as a strategist at Ogilvy PR on accounts including HSBC and Skoda, and more recently was a strategist at Odd. Uddin previously ran his own design business.

Miah said the mainstream narrative about Muslims is often shrouded with stereotypes, including "oppression, misogyny and lifestyles which are against Western ideals". So most Muslims, understandably, feel like their true identity is not represented on the main stage," he explained. "They want authentic and empowering creative that makes them proud, which is exactly what we aim to do at Mud Orange."

Uddin said the pair founded Mud Orange because "we deeply care about our culture – particularly how brands can use it creatively and authentically to resonate with their audience in a way that will truly enable them to cut through".

Originally published in Campaign.