I Caught Laylatul Qadr.


We launch the MyTenNights Ramadan 2020 campaign.

Ramadan is seen as the most blessed month of the year for Muslims across the globe.

Many make stronger efforts to do good and benefit from the multiplied reward, even more so during the last 10 nights which holds the most important night of the year: Laylatul Qadr.

As part of Ramadan activities, charity-giving has an important role as Muslims donate from the heart to be rewarded while also helping fellow humans in need. The aim of MyTenNights is to help Muslims catch Laylatul Qadr, through a platform that lets the user automate their donations across the last 10 nights, so they never miss giving on Laylatul Qadr again.

The unique tech makes sure the donation is processed after sunset in their local time, so they can always be confident about their nightly donations. In 2019, MyTenNights helped over 52 thousand people donate on Laylatul Qadr.

MyTenNights, which allows users to automate their donations over the last 10 nights of Ramadan, meaning they never miss giving on Laylatul Qadr (‘Night of Power’), has launched its 2020 campaign, in response to four out of five Muslims in the UK saying they would use an automating donation service, to ensure they don’t forget to donate every night.

‘I Caught Laylatul Qadr’, which is the first campaign launch from creative agency, mud orange, focuses on donor-centric activity and aims to redefine charity empowerment by shifting from helping beneficiaries, to control over individual Ramadan goals and donations, while also proudly flaunting Muslims in authentic and empowering scenarios.

We’re living our regular daily lives with the additional Ramadan routine on top and so sometimes we may end up forgetting to donate.

The campaign will be shown across the UK, US and Canada in the form of an extensive digital campaign through paid social and digital, including TikTok and Snapchat, as well as across Sky and other VoD services.

MyTenNights main charity partners include - Islamic Relief, Penny Appeal, READ Foundation, Orphans In Need, Islamic Help, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Cancer Research, Oxfam, Barnardos and Charity: Water, Save the children, and Safe passage.

Ismael, Co-Founder of MyTenNights: “Although we make massive efforts to do good, we know that Ramadan can be quite intense. We’re living our regular daily lives with the additional Ramadan routine on top and so sometimes we may end up forgetting to donate. What the team at mud orange has produced through the ‘I Caught Laylatul Qadr’ platform is a campaign that brings this to life through an incredibly clear creative narrative that portrays Muslims in a way we can all genuinely relate to, and in roles that accurately represent us.”
Originally published in Creative Moment.