We’re an independent creative studio producing award-winning work that works with niche audiences.

Based in London, we’ve built a global name in crafting brand identities and advertising campaigns that connect with new audiences, diverse communities, and emerging spaces.


Big ideas / Creative platform / Art direction / Design /Video/ Research / Billboard / Digital / Production / Creative ideas / Print / Post-production / Content / Copywriting / Influencer / Insights / Animation / Multicultural / Storyboard / Concepts / Sentiment analysis / Creative direction / And more

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We gain a deep understanding of the campaign context, brand & product propositions, audiences, challenges, KPIs, and desired long-term impact. This sets the foundation for the campaign development.


We delve into the audience's world, the competitive landscape, and product benefits, crafting an insightful and distinct creative approach specific to the campaign needs.

Creative concepts

We craft various creative “big ideas” that distinctively cut through the competitive clutter and align with the strategic approach to achieve campaign objectives.

Creative development

We develop and visualise the creative elements of the campaign route, script, art direction, storyboard, and other visual elements to bring each concept to life.


We use our proprietary platform for audience testing to gauge reception, perception, and impact. This inform our creative development.


We bring the campaign to life through campaign shoots across all formats, including video, animation, graphic design and sound, ready to roll out across offline and online media placements.

Media strategy

We work closely with media owners and media buying agencies to shape the campaign roll out for effective reach.

Campaign review

We collaborate with media and research agencies to dissect campaign performance and analyse quantitative and qualitative data for insights.


Strategy / Visual identity / Brand guidelines / Logo design / Brand colors / Typography / Positioning / Research / Naming / Values / Messaging / Personas / Manifesto / Tagline / Brand voice / Brand architecture / Iconography / UI design / Brand imagery / Creative direction / Illustration / Packaging / And more

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An immersive day of interactive exercises to uncover the context, aspirations, and challenges of the brand. Laying the foundation for branding work.

Market research

We delve into the industry, the target audiences’ desires, direct & indirect competitor strategies, and cultural phenomena to carve out opportunities and identify brand necessities.

Strategy development

We develop a strategic platform that articulates your brand, everything from purpose, positioning, propositions, to values. This strategic direction guides all branding development.

Logo &
Visual identity

Through a creative process, we craft a distinctive brand logo and visual elements that express your brand’s essence. Including colour systems, typography, imagery, motion, and more.

Voice &

We craft a unique voice and messaging strategy to reflect the brand’s personality and values. Developing a consistent style of communication that resonates with your audience and enhances brand recognition.

Brand implementation

We apply the new brand identity across all touchpoints — website, presentation templates, marketing collateral, packaging, and more, to produce a holistic and cohesive brand experience.

Brand guidelines

We produce a comprehensive book outlining the DNA of the brand and how to consistently use visual elements. This includes logo usage, colour system, typography, tone of voice, and more.


Ongoing testing during and after the project to ensure audience resonance, enhancing brand appeal and future-proofing the work.


Insights / Research / Discovery / Workshop / Market entry / Copywriting / Reports / Industry analysis / Consumer study / Surveys / Culture / Trends / Strategy / Ideation / Language / Testing / Casting / Competitor analysis / Territory exploration / Reviews / Audits / Innovation / Thought leadership / And more

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Cultural audits

We assess brand engagement with niche communities, analysing resonance across cultures to identify areas for improvement and growth opportunities.


We conduct comprehensive research to deeply understand diverse cultural dynamics, trends, and consumer behaviour, providing a robust foundation for strategic decision-making and development.

Market analysis

We delve into in-depth market analysis of multicultural and niche markets, understanding cultural nuances, behaviours, motivations and needs to inform effective business strategies.


We engage in detailed data analysis and surveys to uncover rich insights and genuine lived experiences from niche audiences, shaping inclusive, effective business strategies.

Strategy development

We develop comprehensive strategies that integrate nuanced cultural insights, ensuring that businesses, products, and marketing initiatives authentically connect and resonate with diverse communities.


We run workshops to enhance cultural awareness and competence, focusing on sensitive and effective cross-cultural communication and operations.

Creative ideation

We develop innovative ideas and creative solutions that resonate with multicultural and niche markets, enhancing brand creativity and inclusivity.

Thought leadership

We provide your brand with novel and focused thought leadership in multicultural understanding and perspectives that lead industry conversations.

who we’ve worked with
Adidas / Vapiano / Tesco / Nord VPN / GoFundMe / Offa / VOXI / Hachette / Insuringly / Seedlip / dUCk Group / Ford / Beasy / HSBC / Shamaazi / Muslim Pro / Qalbox / Hyphen / Vodafone / British Airways / Modanisa / Somerset House / Algbra / Yelo / And others
sectors we’ve covered
Tech / Finance / FMCG / Crowdfunding / Insurance / Fashion / Aviation / Museums / Supermarkets / Education / Government / Entertainment / Food&Drink / Hospitality / Charity / And more
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