Our study on Health & Fitness for British Muslims

Half of the four million British Muslims living in the UK are under the age of 35. Many have experienced accelerated career progression and advancements in education, which has driven growth in disposable income and a desire to enrich quality of life. The lifestyle shift over the past three decades has fuelled attention towards personal health and wellbeing. This includes everything from fitness and nutrition, to vitamins and supplements. 

Culture and lifestyles of second and third generation Muslims are rapidly shifting, but brands continue to take an outdated marketing and branding approach towards them and fail to cater to their needs.

We conducted a study with over 1,000 British Muslims aged 18–45 across the UK to discover their motivations, behaviours and attitudes towards exercising, activewear, vitamins and fitness supplements. We’ve uncovered insights into aspects of their lifestyles never previously explored, and identified ways brands can play a role.

In this summary report, we introduce our study on British Muslim consumers and provide recommendations for brands.

Click here to download the summary report.